More than 5 hours of listening...
Dance latino
An album to dance and party on Latin rhythms with an orchestra that has breath...
Jazz Rock
Rock, Jazz and Jazz-Rock...
An album written for a classical orchestra sometimes with guitar.
Soft Bossa
To listen alone or in pairs while dreaming of warm beaches bordered by a welcoming sea.
A sweet moment to savor with love.
Sweet Guitar
Sweet guitars. They respond to each other, mix and let themselves be surrounded by their friends.
They have a lot!
Expressing the passions of the world

Listen to some of my compositions (sometimes co-written).
You can listen to anything you want without limit.
Choose the track or let the album play by itself.

This instrumental music can possibly support lyrics... (I'm waiting for them...)

Thank you in advance for your listening, your testimonies and your requests...
Do you have a creative project?
or wish for a musical arrangement

I am open to new compositions. Arrangements fascinate me. Let's see where we will go together, with complete freedom!

- Let's discuss...
- Ideas, images,
- A text perhaps?
- A style, a desire,
- An overflowing heart,
- A passion, a reason,
- And the time it will take.

I am all ears.
Alain Coudert
Many years on stage  playing other people's music.
Then exploring what I know less.
Now my ear, my sensitivity, my style are refined.
... They are the ones who accompany me.
They reveal me and raise my inspiration.
My fingers obey me less and less.
Now I let them be.
Sounds that speak.

These are the voices that mix and quiver, hurt, or whisper.
Melody or chords?
For bossanovas and sambas, it is mainly the chord sequences that will guide the melodies. For jazz I rather start with the melody. For symphonic music, it is an alternation between the chords guiding the theme and the melody making its own way...
A first draft is always written on a paper score...
When the piece starts taking shape, it's time to write the conductor

Thanks to digital tools, the writing of the score and its listening allow you to check your choice of instruments and to correct them easily. 

In addition, the score becomes a medium for the sounds in the MIDI interfaces.
Recording, mixing 
I record everything.
So I become an instrumentalist again, looking for the pure note that will convey feelings. 
I switch hats to balance the sounds of all instruments.
and rectify the dynamics of each or one of the consoles. Then I test the piece by changing device, headphones, room...
A comment, a request? You can contact me with this email.